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Rose Welty

Artist Statement

My current work is digital watercolor with elements of collage and woodcut etching. Each piece seeks to transport the viewer to another place conveying sounds and other environmental clues through the rhythm of design and emotion of color.


Rose Welty spent her happy childhood in one small town on the west coast of the US.  As an adult she has lived overseas, in the Southwest and now is on the east coast of the US.  For the last 15 years she has been a part of the online art community, hosting virtual sketch dates, entering shows, selling her work and engaging with other artists.  She has entered work in juried shows across North Carolina.  Professionally, she works as a custom picture framer/designer and currently manages The Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop.

Rose's work can also be found on cards, jewelry and canvas prints.

Katherine Falk

Artist Statement

My subject preference is always nature. I will usually take a photograph for reference and inspiration, but the finished product rarely resembles the picture I took.  I love mimicking natural surfaces, stone, wood, earth. The organic flow of nature is always perfect and I strive to emulate it. What keeps me interested and continuing forward is less about accurate representation and more about emotion and movement. The journey through the painting, the place it brings you to and the feeling that comes over you as you look at it, is far more interesting to me than whether or not it is a realistic depiction. What would your peaceful place look like if you could paint it? What does it feel like to become one with this wave? What within the art lends empowerment or humility or calm? Those are the endless questions that carry my interest and continue to inspire much of my art.


Katherine started as a decorative painter and faux finisher, which at the time was a good way to earn some money and still be home for her kids after school. She loved the structured chaos that was decorative painting. The walls had to look random but flow without catching your eye in a particular spot, to carry you through the room in a way. Although she has a degree in art, she is a self-taught painter. Kat started in acrylics, but loves color vibrancy and texture which makes the inks enjoyable for her. Their quick dry time allows her to layer those qualities for depth and detail. Nothing is off limits when creating texture and depth and her tools extend far beyond brushes.  Professionally Katherine is the owner of The Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop and a Realtor for Carolina Life & Homes Realty.


Katherine's work can also be found on glass cutting boards, slates, coasters and more!

Delphine Peller

Artist Statement

The strength of my work comes from my distinctive use of shadowing, texture, and color relationships.  I often choose subject matter connected to nature because I love dramatizing saturated hues and shadowed forms.   My unique mixed media techniques are work intensive and use both de-constructive and building processes.  Each canvas becomes its own story.  The common thread for all of my work is the creativity joining of representational, raw, and abstract elements.


Delphine has always been creative; whether it was decorating a room, volunteering to help out with school crafts, or just doodling on a rainy day.  However, it was not until Delphine was faced with her diagnosis of the chronic illness Lupus in 1992 that she began to paint for herself.  Art has been a big part of her life ever since and she enjoys acrylic, collage, and mixed media painting.

She has been selling and doing commission work for 15 years.  Delphine is an active volunteer in the art community. She is a volunteer with the Wake Forest Guild of Artists and currently serves on the Wake Forest Public Arts Commission.  Professionally she is a custom picture framer/designer with The Wake Forest Art & Frame Shop.

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